Monday, January 02, 2006

A new year! Welcome 2006

It was a fascinating way to spend the new year with Allvina, Alex, Gwyneth and Jaime @ essential brew after watch night service.

Well, thank God for grace to still wake up early to be in church today and later for the prayer dedication at 5pm.

God's great as I recount my blessings over the year. It's felt like 3 years squeezed into 1. Got my license to drive, Church Camp, ORD!!!, led 2 souls to Christ!, kept an important promise, went into university, made tons of new friends, took Japanese, started Bible-study with Liz and Joy, finished 1st Sem in uni, SUnday School Camp, Combined Youth Leaders' Camp, Campus Crusade Metamorphosis and Gen12ii. And that's just a small portion of the highlights...

2006 holds greater challenges for me. With Junior Worship Service, Gen12ii and more Bible study. Looking forward... many more thanksgiving and praises to give to God!

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