Wednesday, February 28, 2007

advance calculus came and passed(ok, it was bad...). japanese mid-terms tmr.
good news! flash lab dateline on thursday has been postponed to monday! Thank God, I think the game deserves more.

Support Raising Seminar is coming up this Saturday. I'll need prayer on how to present this. I'm sure we all approach raising support in fear and uncertainty, but God is more then sufficient for all our needs.

We continue to look for speakers for the weekly Operation Chiangmai Missions Seminar. Pastor has kindly agreed to speak on the 10 March on the cross and what it means in our lives. I don't know who will come, and how many. But I know my God has a plan far better. Beyond looking at the situation at hand, I praise God for opportunity to show how He is able to work the hearts of people and is always in control and at work in every situation I am in. Praise God!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Missions month is coming up in March. (and so is mid-term exams... haha) but anyway, had steamboat dinner with YF and Sunday School. Somehow, we ended up talking about missions again. haha... I think it's terrible for anyone else, because our topics are so predictable.

Anyway, the missions workshops and seminar topics list with rough dates are done.

tomorrow(technically today) registration for Operation Chiang Mai 2007 ends. Who will God send? Please pray.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

just got my blogger stats and I realise how "cold" my blog is... haha.. just an average of 1 view per week. My theory years ago about people not being interested in the things going on in your life seems to be right... at least for mine. haha...

Anyway, had a fantastic chinese new year, with late nights, hong baos, great fellowship... and of course the nice chat with the missions sub-comm we had at Uncle Kok Wah's place. I think God's heart beat is always upon our minds.. and it does seem that no matter what we do, it still upon our hearts. I do wish, God willing, that more would share in the same passion.

Just did up a 1st draft of the topics for the missions equipping workshops/seminars. Praying for God to continue to give wisdom in this area.

I really feel inadequate to do the work, but somehow I'm not so afraid, knowing that it is the will of God. I hope to pray unceasingly in every manner possible as we seek to glorify God in this area.

An essay due this friday, and a flash animation lab, a calculus mid-term paper and a japanese mid term test all due next week. Don't like doing this work... haha..

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Today we learnt 2 things.

  1. God's plan of salvation and forgiveness of sins for mankind involves all the nations.
  2. Every Christian in the body of Christ is placed in a positioned thought best by God and is important and interdependent on the other members of the body of Christ.
Thank God for all the faithful ones who continue in studying the word of God, in prayer and in fellowship through this Great Commission group. Though we've known each other for a while now, through this, I begin to feel a deeper sense of friendship and unity amongst us. Perhaps, its just me, but it's still very real, when we work together towards a single goal - to obey God to promote the Gospel to all the world and pray one for another, there is a gladness uncomparable to normal friendships that runs in me. Thank God.

A great reunion dinner tonight, where I learnt many interesting happenings going on. Won't comment too much about it, but suffice to say they are "gossip worthy".. haha... I continue to thank God that I'm in the hands of a God who is constant and loving, that I don't need to depend upon horoscopes, lucky numbers and etc to ensure I have a good year ahead, when I know The Great Shepherd is looking out for His own little sheep like me.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Featured on Waseda Shibuya High School's website. Our little visit to their school and the tea ceremony we had there.  小さいだけど、いい所だよ! with an excellent canteen that made good tiramisu @ $1.50!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Today we brought the Waseda High School students around NUS for a tour. As a whole we spent a rather good timetouring parts of NUS that even I have never been to.

For me though, I had an unbearable time with myself... or my lack of ability to speak with them in japanese... The words keep escaping me and it got a lil fustrating. Came back home and prayed about it. I know our Lord is the one who makes the tongue (just as He told Moses in Genesis) and that He was the one who created different languages to scatter the people gathered around the Tower of Babel... He'll still be the One who will give a person ability to converse in a language. I asked that He knowing the desires of my heart, would allow me to be fluent in His time, for His purposes.

Sunday, February 04, 2007