Friday, January 06, 2006

Discrete Maths for 1 pt!

Praise God!

I was out-bidded in this module(which is unusually popular this semester) for the past few rounds as some rounds even chalked this up til 1000+ pts. But God is good, and He was to give it to me at the last stage of round 2 for a whopping 1 point only!

I have 3 modules now and 2 more to go. Japanese studies and Japanese Language 2 (this i was outbidded this round). can trust God to give what He would want me to take.


sleeping monsters said...

hmm....hello Quinton. haha. Just chanced upon your blog. Realised that u know a friend of my friend and ur link was placed on her blog. ;) What a small world this is yea? =) Wonder if you'd remember me. Sabrina-shalom BP, Combined Leader's retreat 05. =) Well, it's nice to see this blog as a testimony of God's grace in ur life! =) So you blog too.... *smiles* my apologies for not really getting to know u very well during the camp. Well, Just saying hi! stay faithful yea! =) Catch up with ya again!

in His love,

Warner Carter said...

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