Sunday, January 22, 2006

What's a miracle?

Today, pastor was speaking of what had happened to me regarding the bidding of my modules and he said,

A miracle is what God does that separates us from disaster.

that's a pretty good definition. If I could in anyway have saved myself in my situation, then what God had done would not have been a miracle.

Had dinner to say farewell to Joel and Benjamin... Gave both of them an NASB inductive study Bible from the combined counsellors group. Seeing many brothers and sister off to Australia these days.

I pray that these few years would be time where they will grow ever closer to the Lord and greater in faith as they trust the providences of God in a foreign land.

Reminded of Daniel, when he was held captive in Babylon, a land foreign and hostile to him. Many Israelites forgot the Lord and worshipped the Babylonian gods. When we are separated and in foreign lands, only 2 things can happen... either we slip away from God as we no longer feel accountable to anyone or like Daniel, we can purpose in our hearts to honour God... in a foreign land when we are out of our comfort zone or even where God's name is scarcely mentioned, we thirst more for our God. To honour Him yet higher and greater then we ever did.

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