Saturday, December 31, 2005

2 Camps and 2 Dinners!

Been busy during the past week with camp b4 dinner b4 camp b4 dinner!

Combined Youth Leaders Camp was an incredible journey of studying God's word with a whole lot of new friends made. and the amazing thing about these friendships is that they are going to be eternal - for our destination is in heaven. I thank the Lord for the truths learnt, insights gained and the grace to apply it to my life. God causes calamities to punish people for evil. God has no pleasure in seeing the wicked destroyed but that all would turn from the evil ways and come into repentence. Man cannot run away from God. God can use even an unwilling heart in the worst of circumstances to accomplish His purposes. Thank God for Shalom, Zion Bishan, Nazareth, Moriah B-P Church. It was create to know them and to see each one's passion to study the word of God increase!

Had create time of fellowship over sushi (ichiban hoshi) with Allvina, Gwyneth, Alex, Joanne and Shelia. Later we had a good chat over some coffee and milk. Wonderful way to wrap up a camp.

Campus Crusade Metamorphosis Camp was another Spiritually refreshing camp. I was given one day to get to know all the people who have bonded over the course of the last few days as I couldn't make it for the pervious days. I really thank God and them that they were so warm in extending their love. Indeed, such is the example of the love that Christ has shown unto us in offering us salvation.

Camp speaker was Rich Miller, speaking on the last night about "Fear that paralyzes". Am glad that God brought me to be there that night. For it was there that He showed me what fears I am hiding behind that confident front and how my actions and thought-life was dictated by my fears. My fear came in terms of self-worth and image. How to be liked? How to be well-loved? How to be confident? Well, my self-worth is based on what God sees me as. Is it great to be liked and well-loved? Sure... Should we work at it? Why not? But I realise that when we work on it with our own strengths, it's way too tiring... My hearts desire is to love other more, deeply. But it is only possible to do that when my heart's focused on God's love and not my own.
Another thing I re-learnt is that God is in control, now that's head-knowledge. The challenge I had and have now is for that to be in the heart. That the heart knows that God is in control ALL the time. Period. Thank God for blessing me with these truths and enabling me to bless others too.

Great week, now time to go watch-night service.

"To God be the glory great things He have done!
So love He the world that He gave us His Son!"

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