Monday, March 28, 2005

Re-designing my room

Been hard at work for the past few days clearing out TONS of trash... I supposed to get my room re-organised as I'll be leaving the army in a few months time (less then 90 days to be exact) and I'll be embarking on my university life. So, I found it apt to "celebrate" this momentous time in my life with a change of environment(so to speak).

The changes are far from over as I trashed out loads of stuff. I'm even getting rid of my old faithful study table(yeah, it's a hand me down from my uncle). I'm taking the changes slowly as I'll probably pick up a basic interior design book of sorts to get some ideas on what to do with my room. I'm a lover of simple stuff, but i admit I live in a mess... so I think zen's for me, but i dun want my back to hurt if I always have to work without proper back rest.

Functionally, my room will have to be used for:
  1. Sleeping
  2. Study/Work
  3. Play (i.e. music/movies/modelling/drawing)

Aesthetic requirements:

  1. Creative!
  2. Spa cious
  3. Stylish
  4. Relaxing... like a spa...

haha... is this too much to ask for my room? haha... well, it's like the only space I "own" and since I spend most of my time in my room, I'm gonna be demanding of it this time.

paints, furniture, lightings? well, nothing should be too fixed as I tend to like to move things around... so I plan not to do too much drilling. Everything should be kept easy to clean too. I welcome any suggestions. time to consult some design friends...

oh yes... i forgot... budget... hehe.. right now there is no budget... as in (zero budget)... but the plan is probably not to spend more then a couple of hundred... tt's why I taking it slow... change can take place slowly.. furniture by furniture...

layout as of today. I need someplace to put that computer but yet not take up too much space.

Re-arranging my room... messy...

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Salsa on Good Friday.

Went to check out ACTFA today... well, to say the least, it is "unfinished". And there was no crowd(in fact, there was nobody). Wasted $10 bucks on a orange juice... I'm not going back til I get like an overwhelmingly positive response on that place. Coz it jus doesn't make sense to open up the place when it hasn't even been renovated properly yet.

We then moved on to Union Square, where it was surprising spacious! There was good music and quite a number of people dancing, but it wasn't pack or squeezy.

I have a wish... I wish to dance better... with confidence... stop fumbling like an idiot... stop missing the beats... come out with better moves... feel the music... be more natural... it all comes down to confidence.. doesn't it? all this self-esteem issues are stopping me from enjoying myself as much as I should... too critical of myself... heeyoz... better to jus sleep... and enjoy salsa another day :)

Monday, March 21, 2005

大塿㿿濿 / Ai Ootsuka Love Jam - Now Listening!

Thursday, March 17, 2005


I got discharged today after staying a night at NUH. Surgery can be so freaky.
Let's see a quick assessment of my current condition is 4 wisdom tooths are out, slight swelling on the right cheek, a very numb right lower lip, chaffed side lips, lots of pressure on my right jaw.

Doesn't sound too good. I hope this will all get better with sleep. I discovered ulcers on my lips but I dun really feel much pain from them, perhaps coz my lower lips are numb.. sucks, I can't even feel my food with my lower lip. Porridge can jus drip out without me knowing (and yes, it has happened). Well, doc says this is a possible side effect of the surgery when they bruise or damage the nerve. It should be temporal, though rarely is it permanent. Nonetheless, it's still worrying.

I tried not taking my painkillers from the afternoon. but by the evening, there was so much pressure and discomfort in my jaw, that I don't think I can sleep without those painies... so I'm on ibuprofen and paracetemol. Yes, 2 different types of painkillers.. dun ask why, I can't figure either.

My stay at the hospital was a time when I had spent more time doing my quiet time. Last night was jus a psalms night. I started with Psalm 6, followed by the other psalms that speaks of the fear of God, God's grace and forgiveness and Glod's glory declared by the heavens. It was quite a time really. Amazing to take time and notice that every creation and every aspect of nature speaks of a master designer. Just as how a piano could never have formed itself out of mere coincidences over millions of years, how much more a complex plant, ecosystem, animals, the galaxy or even us humans. All of this speaks of intelligent design, purposeful design and leaves a pattern that reveals to us that God is the master designer and creator of all things. We could not have been a result of atoms knocking into coincidence. That's a thought to ponder about the next time we're hit by a breeze, can u imagine, it is God who sets every single wind current on its course?

Tomorrow morning I'm hitting Kenridge hanging bridge, have not much idea about the place but am going with my aunt and cousin. Will be bring the camera along, I hope to be able to get some nice pictures back.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Chili from Down Under

I've just gotten an Australian Chilli from vendors who were here to train us this week. Apparently, this chilli is hotter then chilli padi. It looks so perfectly red, it seems unreal. Kinda plastic in fact. Anyhow, I'm gonna be planting the seeds for this, hope it grows in Singapore. Would be nice to have such a chilli plant around. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Shenton Skyline from Marina Sq Foodcourt Posted by Hello

Urbanised dawn from home. The weather has been pretty hazy and cloudy recently, not the best to take dust and dawn images of the sun IMO. Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 03, 2005

some of the designs... Posted by Hello

A new venture!

What do I do when I'm low on cash, gonna ORD, ain't got a tution assignment yet and generally still needing to finance a new camera that gonna come about?

I start a new venture! Actually, it isn't that new. I've had it on my mind for a while now but never really got about to working on it. And what may that venture be? Haha... I can't believe it myself, but I'm selling hand-made beaded accessories for women!! haha... now before you gasp, let me clarify that I'm not the one making them!

In fact, it's a venture with my dear cousin Irene. She makes the stuff, I sell them! Perfect! Since her clients are usually her friends and her friend's friends, she doesn't make much deals in a month, I'll help her with the marketing and selling. She'll be my supplier.

Anyhow, she has an eye for good designs so her creations are really not bad. Check them out!

Well, pray that this thing will take off and we'll all benefit from a lil more cash and a lil more experience.

Now, if you're wondering how you can support me, click on the url below and recommend as many people as you know who will be interested bah! Thanks in advance!

Finally my Photocard Driving License... Posted by Hello