Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Started on Precepts Kings and Prophets Series 1 today. Am excited, at the depth of knowledge and application as I study the old testament books.

Adonijah tries to establish himself as king when David was old, by roping in Joab the commander of the army and Abiathar the priest. It's never wise to put yourself in opposition of God's word, as God had already told David to appoint Solomon as king and how God Himself would be a father to Solomon... As the story goes, Solomon was anointed as king by Nathan the prophet and Adonijah's coup attempt failed, as his "friends" left him terrified at what Solomon would do to them. And Adonijah himself was so afraid to return home as well.

What was most interesting that Solomon said "If he is a worthy man, not one of his hairs will faill to the ground; but if wickedness is found in him, he will die"1kings1:52

and finally when Adonijah the mastermind-of-the-failed-coup was brought before Solomon, he only had these words for Adonijah, his brother, "Go to your house." Such wisdom Solomon has exhibited from the start. Sounds much more interesting to come...

Please come and join me in Precepts class every Monday Night 7.45pm-10pm @ my church in pandan gardens if you stay in the west ya? I have so greatly benefited from this Precept study, that I cannot begin to express my desire to share this with more people, to see more of God's people be rooted in His wonderful word for us and seeing lives changed in accordance to the word with all prosperity and victory in living the life we've been called to in Christ Jesus.

Finally, want to praise God thus far that He has indeed been my provider by allowing pretty good offers for the various camera parts. But thus far the main body and another lens are not recieving good offers to sell... but it's good to wait upon the will of God even in this area.

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