Monday, July 17, 2006

feeling exahusted... worship rehearsal, debates training, blast off camp, prayer comm meetings, SM retreat... that's just some of the things happening next week... and still being asked for more things... scary isn't it? I honestly don't want to live through next week if the Lord is not my strength and my portion..

please pray for me (oh and it'll help a lot if you not ask me to be involved in more things too :) ).


Jons_God said...

dropping by.
read your latest entry..
and i guess i do understand what you're going through.
The whole of this year has been a physically tiring one for me..
ministries, studies and army..
and i really thank God for the next of the year in which i just have well deserved holidays to reflect and spend every time i have into God's ministry.
Isn't it wonderful to experience God's grace and strength despite our falling human strength..?

I'm sure you're thankful for that...
and really, at the end of the day, weigh whats' important first..
but yet, remember that whatever that God places in your life; responsibilities, ministries, even testings and trials..
He has done so knowing that you are able to manage, fight on and indeed, find the victory through Him to conquer every obstacle.

i'll be praying..
Your bro,
Jon Ong.

Quinton said...

thanks bro for the prayers and encouragement.

God indeed has the grace for me in all situations ;) Praise God!