Saturday, July 01, 2006

Just recieved in my mail box an invitation to attend the SYPA(Singapore Young Photographers' Award) prize presentation and photo exhibitition on 27th July evening. In it there was no announcements of results. The website did not include results either... so did I win or not?

Haiz.. I was so happy when I saw the invitation card when opening the envelope, I thought I had won! but i don't know...

Realise that I need to commit this to the LORD too. And not just commit it to Him to win. But also to give thanks for not winning, for it would be the good and perfect will of God also! Given that I think there are tons of people taking better photos then me in Singapore who are younger then me even... my chances are... slim to say the least.. but I can still hope!

So, I'll say in advance... if I did not win... "Thank You Lord!"

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