Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Never Too Young

An article I read tonight that was encouraging. I hope we will aspire to do great things for God, regardless of our age. Don't wait til you're older, coz you'll probably be have missed out of all those years when you could have made a greater difference. Beginning to assume a conscious leadership now is the right time.

It's summertime here at the Atlanta office. And with summer comes the heat. With summer around the EQUIP office, come the interns. You should see them. About a dozen collegians with smiling faces and energy to burn, trying to learn more about leadership development in this unique ministry - birthed by John Maxwell less than five years ago.

One of the things I enjoy so much about daily working in a leadership culture like EQUIP, is the constant focus on mentoring young people in leadership. In fact, EQUIP's devoting a lot of time and resources these days to preparing tomorrow's leaders (from junior high to post graduate students) to be the best leaders they can be. Leadership mentors like Tim Elmore and Dick Wynn speak, write, and represent EQUIP all over North America pouring their experiences into the lives of students who want to be people of influence.

For cynics whom believe today's emerging leaders are categorically not leaders at all, or simply disrespectful, inept, or lacking poise, Tim Elmore is putting the brakes on that kind of thinking. In fact, Tim's research in his new book "Developing the Leader Within Your Child" (Thomas Nelson Publishers) uncovers a "millennial generation" of kids (born since 1984) that believe they can actually change the world. Tim says, "This is a generation of kids which has seen the selfishness of their parents, personally experienced the heartache of mom and dad getting divorced, the absence of their parents from home life, the short-term high of materialism, and generally fuzzy-headed ideas about life. The millennial have concluded, 'Their must be a better way.'

Tim and Dick are talking to kids all over North America. In fact, last year they spoke on dozens of high school and college campuses driving home one basic point: You can make a difference as a leader wherever you are! They tell me that the kids are responding positively representing a generation which thinks it can change the world!

Not too long ago, Dick gave me a list of what he called "emerging leader accomplishments." If anyone thinks, today's leaders can't make a difference tomorrow, they need only look back at some of history's handful of influencers who rolled up their sleeves, some even as teenagers, and made a difference. For instance:

- Einstein wrote his first paper on the theory of relativity when he was 16

- Mozart compose his first symphony at age 6

- Joan of Arc led 300 French knights in the Battle of Orleans when she was 17

- George Williams founded the YMCA when he was 23

- Lloyd Braille developed the Braille system for the blind at age 12

- George Whitfield drew thousands to the church he pastored at age 21

- J. Hudson Taylor started China Inland Mission when he was in his early thirties

- John Wesley birth Methodism at 17

- John Calvin started pastoring at age 17

- Josiah revitalized Israel at age 20

- David was anointed King of Israel when he was 15

Walking around the EQUIP office today are young interns who want to make a difference. They're hungry for leadership development. For them, the future is bright. But equally bright is the future of those of who will take the time to mentor and love them. Only God knows, but just a few feet outside my door today, is another emerging leader God's preparing to make a difference in this world.

I think I'll take a walk around today, find one, and offer them encouragement. It's what leaders do!

Dr. John D. Hull

President, EQUIP

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Duluth, GA 30096

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