Tuesday, February 20, 2007

just got my blogger stats and I realise how "cold" my blog is... haha.. just an average of 1 view per week. My theory years ago about people not being interested in the things going on in your life seems to be right... at least for mine. haha...

Anyway, had a fantastic chinese new year, with late nights, hong baos, great fellowship... and of course the nice chat with the missions sub-comm we had at Uncle Kok Wah's place. I think God's heart beat is always upon our minds.. and it does seem that no matter what we do, it still upon our hearts. I do wish, God willing, that more would share in the same passion.

Just did up a 1st draft of the topics for the missions equipping workshops/seminars. Praying for God to continue to give wisdom in this area.

I really feel inadequate to do the work, but somehow I'm not so afraid, knowing that it is the will of God. I hope to pray unceasingly in every manner possible as we seek to glorify God in this area.

An essay due this friday, and a flash animation lab, a calculus mid-term paper and a japanese mid term test all due next week. Don't like doing this work... haha..

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