Wednesday, February 28, 2007

advance calculus came and passed(ok, it was bad...). japanese mid-terms tmr.
good news! flash lab dateline on thursday has been postponed to monday! Thank God, I think the game deserves more.

Support Raising Seminar is coming up this Saturday. I'll need prayer on how to present this. I'm sure we all approach raising support in fear and uncertainty, but God is more then sufficient for all our needs.

We continue to look for speakers for the weekly Operation Chiangmai Missions Seminar. Pastor has kindly agreed to speak on the 10 March on the cross and what it means in our lives. I don't know who will come, and how many. But I know my God has a plan far better. Beyond looking at the situation at hand, I praise God for opportunity to show how He is able to work the hearts of people and is always in control and at work in every situation I am in. Praise God!

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