Friday, August 18, 2006

I have no desire to be found in a world
whose "love" hurts,
whose "love" is conditional,
whose "love" is selfish,
whose "love" changes,
whose "love" lusts
whose "love" is temporal,
whose "love" is impatiant,
whose "love" is violent,
whose "love" is proud,
whose "love" fails,
whose "love" I can never seem to give without growing weary...

But rather, I be found in the arms of the One who loves perfectly. In whom, all love is not tiring, but like a stream of pure crystal waters that renews my life and quenches that thirst that I once thought would never be satisfied.

O come, Thou Fount!
O come, Thou Rock!
O come, Thou Cornerstone that was thrown away!
O come, Thou Son of David!
O come, Thou Son of Man!
O come, Thou second Adam!
O come, Thou King of kings!
O come, Thou Lord of lords!
O come, Thou worthiest Lamb that was slain for my sins!
O come, Thou Prince of peace!
O come, Thou Mediator between man and God!
O come, Thou Way and the Truth and the Light!
O come, O come, Thou Emmanuel (God with us)!

O come! Please come... For surely, You come quickly...

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