Friday, September 16, 2005

I've forgotten

I've forgotten about penning down some of my thoughts in the past month or so.
It wasn't that nothing happened. In fact a lot of things happened and many to the glory of God.

Amidst struggling homework, programming labs, tutorials, quizes and all... I will gladly testify that the Lord was with me and saw me through! Admittedly, it was a struggle, that sometimes I lost, to do quiet time and pray but God is faithful still.

Friends around me seem stressed out by the work and the pace of uni life... Japanese language, programming labs, maths tutorials and many new concepts are also weighin me down.. but I thank God that He planted in me a fountain of life.. that I may have life more abundantly through Jesus ;) So yeap, I'm enjoying life in university, inspite of the work and the stress!!

So finally it's mid-term break. It's time to study for some tests and rest. So that's it.. from 1st week of school to last week of term.. time really flies..

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