Thursday, August 11, 2005

Orientation and week 1.

Been awhile.. the 1st week of lecture timetables have started.

Freshmen orientation week was made fun entirely by the company ;) I thank God for putting me where I was and meeting all my orientation mates. It really is enjoyable to make new friends and suddenly, I'm dozens of friends richer :P Also getting to share the Gospel with 2 friends was a joy.

Rag Day


Throughout the fun, was the overwhelming CORs bidding rounds. What to bid, how much to bid, when to bid, and so much more... am thankful to God that I managed to obtain 5 modules.

WARNING: Long story ahead
I had wanted very much to take the japanese language module for a number of reasons. Interest, Career, and possibly mission work. It never dawned on me that I'll not be able to take the module until the bidding round 2A started. by the night the bid had went up to 192 points [I am only given 350 points to bid]. When I decided to place 200 points as a bid, I was told that new minimum was 201 and I could not place my bid!!!

the next day was an even greater drama with the whole CORs system becoming inaccesible due to crippling traffic. Bidding was to end at 3pm and at 2.50pm I still could not get in to place my bids. I had 2 modules to bid for. I placed 5 points on the other and was outbidded already. I realized, what was I worrying about? I cannot control the server from lagging. There was nothing that I could do, but my Heavenly Father could! Why am I not praying? And God works everytime in His very own prefect timing! Right after saying a quick prayer, I heard someone from across the lab announcing that CORs has just decided to extend the closing time to 5pm instead!! Praise God! I managed to get in and placed my 345 point bid for my japanese module then ;)

Did I get the module? I was told at 7+pm that night via e-mail that I did not - the minimum bid was a mere 350 points. I was really disappointed. Could it be that God did not want me taking that language? really, was that the 1st confirmation that my desire is not what God wants? Although I prayed that God not give me that module no matter what if He did not want me venturing in that area; the sense of disappointment was a little hard to shake off. That night I asked, "if not, show me another way..."

True enough after searching through what's left, I came across "Entrepreneurial Marketing". The only thing that spurred any interest in me and it was only 1 point! Wow you can't get any cheaper.. thanks to the odd timing of 6-9pm. Thank God for leading the way, because I did not have enough points to bid for most of the modules and the rest simply were dreary looking modules. btw, the minimum bid for Japanse in round 2B was 1280!!

I had not entirely given up on Japanese yet. There was a 67 slots for arts students that will be opened up to all if it wasn't filled up by round 3. and so, there was 67 slots in round 3. I really did not know what to expect. I did not think that I could successfully bid for this module given that it is particularly popular and thus it's track record is "expensive". Nonetheless, I felt that I should try at least. And if God did not want the "unbelieving me" to get it, I won't anyway and I'll just have to trust Him to provide for something better out of whatever modules are left. I decided that I'll put 300 points in this time.

Later that night I really did not know what to expect in my e-mail. Clicking and opening the mail from CORs, I was half-expecting to just admit that this module isn't for me to have. But God is wonderful! He is Jehovah Jireh, my Provider ;) I got the Japanese Module! and I did not just succesfully bidded for it, I got it at a mere 31 points! What a far cry from the minimum 350 points in round 2A!!

  • Programming Methodology CS1101x
  • Computer Organisation CS1104
  • Linear Algebra I MA1101R
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing TR2201 (breadth)
  • Japanese Language LAJ1201 (breadth)

these modules did not come easy and they sure weren't what I had originally intended. I learnt and am able to testify once again that God's plan and time is the BEST! I can do all that is humanly possible, but it does not mean that I will obtain what I set out to achieve. God provided and He did not just provide, He provided it at the best time for me that I would not have wasted all my 350 points to get it in round 2A instead!

In His time... In His time... He makes all thing beautiful in His time...
Lord my life to You I bring, may each song I have to sing. Be to You a lovely thing, in Your time.

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gwyneth said...

"Jehovah-jireh, my Provider, His grace is sufficient for me, for me, for me. My God shall supply all my needs, according to His riches & glory!" praise God! m encouraged by your testimony : )
[tho it sure took me a long time to post this comment] hee. :b