Thursday, June 16, 2005

I kept my promise, i went.
I was there, as promised.
But the other wasn't.
We did not meet as agreed.

It hurts to feel forgotten.
It hurts to feel unimportant.
Or perhaps more, it hurts to seem so foolish to keep a promise that only I felt was important for a year.

Thank God...
Am reminded not to put my trust in man but in Him.
Am comforted that 'tho others may not care, but He cares.
Am just glad I kept my promise as He would have wanted me to.
Am relief that I can put away this burden in my heart.
Am just thankful that His will was done.

everything was a lil surreal this evening.

p.s. Sorry if this entry is vague and ambiguous. I once could tell someone everything, but now I realise I don't seem to have anyone I can tell this to, 'cept God.


maodee said...

its... indeed vague.. muz be someone of absolute importance. could it be ai otsuka :)

cheer up dude.

Quinton said...

thanks Maoz... Ooo.. I love ai chan.. kawaii de sho! smily... hmmm.. as u can tell, i'm a lot better this morning :P

missing said...

the other didn't forget. Just that the other had a lesson which couldn't be shifted to another day, and the other didn't know what to say if you guys met. The other was wondering that night if u turned up. The other didn't forget, just didn't really dare to turn up.