Saturday, May 21, 2005

New Dance Shoes

I finally took the plunge and bought new dance shoes. $65 from Broadway @ Chinatown, quite cheap for dance shoes actually.

Wore it to Fiesta @ Jitterbugs last night. Felt really smooth actually. Definitely helps a lot with the turns and spins, but it's surprisingly not slippery either. It's a worthwhile investment.

Felt that there was somewhat of an improvement in my dancing last night. Better able to make sure I'm on the one. Perhaps in time to come, I'll be less conscious of the one and it'll all be instincts... :P Enjoy enjoy.. move to the music..

Applied for 2 Tution assignments online, yesterday. Waiting for the agent to get back to me.. I hope. Clementi assignments.

Gonna catch Starwars with Richard later, let's hope the weather holds out and the whole outing will be just nice...

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