Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Jason just sent me a link today to someone's blog.

Are the students from National University of Singapore (Faculty of Science) really that boring and ugly?

I thought the writing was uncalled for and unneccesary. As much as he felt that he was being fair by not singling out individuals, he had just condemned a whole faculty's population by putting on such a label on the fac. How fair can that be?

Though more importantly, I felt that it was very ungentlemanly to have passed such sweeping comments(no matter how much truth he felt was in it). His inability to hitch someone "decent"(by his standards) doesn't justify trashing a lady's honour.

Lastly, I don't understand why a guy has to complain that his fac has no one for him. Doesn't he have any other friends? Surely, his social circle isn't as small as that?(or could it be). Could it be that the average Singaporean university male is socially inapt, low in self-esteem, irreverent to the fairer gender and helplessly ignorant of his condition(or rather the lack of it?)

There you have it, I just condemned a whole population (that will soon include myself). Perhaps a personal reminder, then ;)


Dumex said...

that guy's a bastard! pardon my language

Quinton said...


odinzs said...

this ass is surely one of the ugliest person in the science faculty