Saturday, April 30, 2005

Yes, a long weekend!

I love long weekends! but then again, who doesn't?

Last bachata lesson in a few hours time. Really beautiful slow dance. Class is real small, apparently the interest isn't much there i suppose... though a lot of it could probably be picked up if you social enough at Union or something like that.

On iTunes now - Spanish Harlem by the BBC Allstars band... What a beautiful piece to start off a weekend.

Got a promotional offer for Al Dente (quite a good Italian restaurant) that entitles me to a 1+1 main course within April. Asked my younger sis, but apparently she is too shy to be seen alone having dinner with her bro... what?!! don't know what she's thinking. Really want to go for it before the offer ends, drop me an sms if anyone's keen...


Dumex said...

offer only valid for a girl???!!?

Quinton said...

od course valid for guys too! but I went with my mum and sis today and they said that today and tmr no promotion! Haiz... we walked out and ate elsewhere..