Saturday, March 26, 2005

Salsa on Good Friday.

Went to check out ACTFA today... well, to say the least, it is "unfinished". And there was no crowd(in fact, there was nobody). Wasted $10 bucks on a orange juice... I'm not going back til I get like an overwhelmingly positive response on that place. Coz it jus doesn't make sense to open up the place when it hasn't even been renovated properly yet.

We then moved on to Union Square, where it was surprising spacious! There was good music and quite a number of people dancing, but it wasn't pack or squeezy.

I have a wish... I wish to dance better... with confidence... stop fumbling like an idiot... stop missing the beats... come out with better moves... feel the music... be more natural... it all comes down to confidence.. doesn't it? all this self-esteem issues are stopping me from enjoying myself as much as I should... too critical of myself... heeyoz... better to jus sleep... and enjoy salsa another day :)

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