Monday, October 09, 2006

Crimson Moon

This was shot on the 8th. The day after the lantern festival, when the moon reaches it's "peak". It was so red, it looked like mars. Why is the moon red? the evening's haze index hit 150PSI at 9pm. That's the cause. It's a 'lil scary as the Bible talks about the moon turning red at the end of days. And I think I just caught a glimpse of how is that even possible.

The moon has always been a facination of many, including some people talking about how a full moon makes people act "funny". I think we're just trying to find a good excuse ;) And what better then the moon who is always around to point fingers at and not able to excuse itself :)

Anyway tonight, I'm exhausted. Even hitting a mild depressive state. You know, the feeling that there is so much things to do, but you don't want to do anything anymore... too tired, too emotionally drained to care or bother anymore. A desire to recluse into a secret hideout, all nicely tugged and sheltered away from even the drizzles of life. All these have been a culmanation of events, sequences and deprivation of rest. If I've made anyone upset or displeasured over me... please forgive me. I am not able to care anymore. The Lord is my refuge, my fortress in time of need. Perhaps I need a personal retreat.(but it's definitely not the moon...)

Easier to relate to God... then it is with all men... I just want You to be my portion. Posted by Picasa

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