Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The day I passed my traffic Police test!

I'm incredibly thankful and joyous today.

After 5 months of driving lessons in the driving school (not including the 3 months and money spent on private classes), 1 test failure, $2000+ spent (from my own pocket), I finally passed my driving test and got my license to drive!!!

I was so prepared to fail after the warm-up session as I walked into the balloting room to get the test route and testor. Why? Firstly, do not ever drink coffee after lunch!! I was tired and unalert yet my eyes wide-open and my nerves were all in a bundle... Followed by which I brushed the curb in the circuit, almost crashed into a beginner vehicle which suddenly decided to move off when I was doing my right turn into the S-course, after he had stopped stationary. NEVER ASSUME, a beginner driver is giving way to you when he/she stops.. it's probably coz his psychomoto is sooo very bad, he managed to stall the vehicle in front of the yellow box and his just fumbling for the keys, gear shifts and clutch to start his vehicle. And I almost got stuck in the junction box when the light turned red. I wasn't careful or alert enough after the coffee(which I thought was suppose to perk me up), it really was time to pray and I just prayed for the anxiety to go away. Surely God had a bigger purpose for me even if I would keep failing this test and I'm sure he would provide (yupz, no money for more failures).

My next shock came when I got balloted to have the same testor who failed me the 1st time round!! My heart just sank, I'd better prepare myself for failure. Just at that moment it struck me that nothing ever happens by chance, I had wanted to give my testor a tract during my 1st test, but I had forgot to bring tracts that day. I quickly rummaged through my bag and realised I had the tracts "From Heaven with Love". God was working at that moment but I had no clue yet. I felt burdened that I really had to give him the tract this time, it's like God's making it up by arranging it to be so the 2nd time round. Suddenly, I did not feel that my results were as important as making sure I passed him the tract this time round. When I got into the vehicle my nerves and all were just miraculously fine. I was genuinely alert and careful, it was like the effects of the caffeine had suddenly worn off. Also, my warm up test route was my actual test route!!! Could you beat that? If not for the warm up, I wouldn't have known that there was going to be 2 roadworks along my test routes that required me to keep right even before the traffic junction as the road works were immediately after traffic lights.

To cut the rest of the story short, I passed with 18 points and passed my testor Mr Tan Kwong Moh the tract (which he was so glad to recieve, he actually smiled). I really wasn't expecting God to use this test in such a miraculous manner. Well, praise God from whom all blessing flow!!! It was yet another experience to learn of God's faithfulness to His children if we'll only place Him squarely first and walk in righteousness!

Thank you God!


Mr Jolley said...

Onward Christian Soldiers! Congrats on your test dude!

Quinton said...

thanks dude!

odinzs said...

Congratulations ... and Jubilation!!

So when are you picking us up for some mid night supper :D

kidding ...

Quinton said...

aint got no ride my fren ;)

haha.. someday...